Monday, January 12, 2009

Blogging VS Twittering

Blogging is pase, Micro-Blogging is IN, and Twitter is HOT.
For those of you who somehow missed the action, Twitter lets you blog short posts, and follow other people that you find interesting (such as Robert Scoble or Lance Amstrong)
Twitter appears in Techcrunch everyday, and I wanted to know what's the big deal about it.

For the couple of months I have used Twitter quite a lot.
At the beginning I was not sure what was the whole noise about...
Then after one month I started to interact more with other people and even gain some followers.
That's the point when I think many people get addicted to Twitter. You are followed, and you are instantly important figure - yeah right... But it does feel good to be followed - I must admit.

Then you get to suddenly following lots of people and you can read lots of posts from them:

Omer Perchik
OmerPerchik sooooo happy! :)
Alex Payne
al3x @pjdoland Brilliant! Videos are good :)
Orli Yakuel
Orli @kevinrose o★m★g it looks like a puppet! LOVE the name too!

And then I realized - WTF am I doing?
I don't have accurate stats on this but about 60% of the posts are conversations, 30% are enigmatic meaningless status updates, and only 10% are really cool stuff worth reading.

Another thing that amazes me is that people follow tons of other people.
For example Robert Scoble follows more than 20000 people, and he's really not that special.
Lots of people follow more than 1000 people which is still a HUGE mass of posts.
It's just impossible to read all the posts from even 200 people. Unless you have more than one hour a day, to read what John thinks about Katie's new profile picture.
It will take a lifetime to read post from 20000, so why do you follow them in the first place.

I really feel like I need a good aggregator that can automagically filter out all these tweets and keep only the good ones (crowdsourcing maybe?). Without a filter, twitter has exausted me, and I'm taking a break... There are more differences between twitter and blogging and twitter is really a phenomena that I still don't fully understand, but I need a vacation.
I would invest my time more on blogging and Google reader :)