Friday, November 20, 2009

Why youtube is a bad music player

I know, I know youtube is not designed to be a music player...
But wouldn't it be cool if it was? :)
Here some problems that I think prevent youtube from being a music player:

Music search is not powerful enough:
  • Few videos for every song, but finding the best quality version is hard
  • No option to filter out covers, live recordings, deleted videos or videos with no audio
  • No true search or browsing by artist, album, genre, year, etc.
  • No additional lyrics, album art, bio, chords, etc

Poor playback (with playlists):
  • New search stops playback
  • Playing next video can take few seconds
  • Bad videos can jam the playlist
  • Most playlists contain duplicate videos, unrelated , removed or low quality videos.
  • Audio volume varies from video to video
  • Long beginning or ending of audio may be silent
That's it I think... Did I miss anything? Now it's your turn...